Like many children (about 15% according to Professor of Psychology Dr Susan Blackmore in her 1996 paper “On the Edge of Reality”), I had out of body experiences (O.B.E or Astral Travelling), some I still remember – including floating above my bunk on the Inverness to London sleeper in the summer of 1973 and being concerned about what my fellow traveller might think if he saw me! Such experiences often have a formative effect upon the development of a belief system.  For many, the experiences of childhood are forgotten, or the early experiences are suppressed by the need to conform to a world that is sceptical of their reality.

Indeed, until a recent reminder from a young friend, I had forgotten about the importance of Astral Travelling in the development of my own belief system – and also what fun can be had in roving the universe whilst the body lies comfortably at home in bed. There have been so many other things to think about and very few people to whom one can relate such tales without fear of mockery or rebuke.

However, one of the core platforms for my beliefs are the experiences of the alternative reality – a spirit world – that exists in parallel to the physical world. An alternative reality that is more colourful, more exciting and more real, in some ways, than the speed of light limited world of the everyday.

Belief in the existence of the astral realm does not imply the need for a particular religious belief – in fact the Roman Catholic Church in which I was brought up would condemn my belief in such a things – work of Old Nick and all that.  But I have moved way beyond the strictures and illogical dogmas in all their forms.  Like the Dalai Lama, I have a belief system that believes in science and logic and reconciling science and logic with spirituality is an essential part of my life.