We are pure energy, but energy expressed in the sympathetic vibration of the trillions of individual energies that make us up. If these energies did not vibrate together in sympathetic harmony then our individual self could not exist. We would die and the atoms that make us up would be recycled into other forms.

It has taken all the time since the beginning of the Universe for these primeval energies to evolve into the complex form of a conscious human. We as individuals are therefore precious to the Universe as through human consciousness and creativity the Universe itself evolves further. Whilst we may appear to be simply a physical expression of complex chemical reactions, the underlying harmonies that make us an individual are physical expression of the non-physical. That is to say we are the conscious manifestation of the Universal and it is through such manifestations that the cosmic dance evolves. Our role as individuals is therefore paramount, if only we would recognise it.

Our creativity and ability to evolve to ever greater achievements, even if we make mistakes on the way, is what makes us human and what makes the role of humanity so exciting in the dance through eternity.