For Angelina

The road to enlightenment has many dark corners:
The conflict between your intentions and with false desires that deviate you away from the noble path;
The greed of others who would leech your strength with flattery and confuse the route with detours;
The Sirens who would have you confuse self-sacrifice, that leads to want and unhappiness, and selflessness which leads to oneness and love.

But the road enlightenment is a well-lit road if your intention is true.
It has disciplines, rather than strictures, but those disciplines lead to your fulfilment and balance.
It is the middle way that recognises that we are both human and spirit and that for harmony you requires the love for both;
To love as a mother love’s a child,
To love as a sister loves a brother,
To love as a friend,
To love as a lover:
These are aspects of the higher love, the divine love which shapes the universe.

We all create our own road to enlightenment through many lifetimes.
These lives are the gift of the living,
Because life is quick and life brings changes and joy to the otherwise unchanging spirit.
Do the Angels change?
Or come at your call with all their primordial power intact?
Or maybe they have changed slowly over the aeons to reflect the change in human minds?
Your life is a gift, not just to you, but to the cosmic dance of eternity that is the evolution of God in all her aspects.

So child of dharma cast aside the shadow and walk your path of wonder in certainty and light.