Change the way you think

Sunset MeditationThis web site discusses how it is possible to revolutionise the way people think about their world and humanity’s role in it and through that revolution help the world to become a better place.

The discussion attempts to put spirituality within a scientific framework by looking back to our origins and building a hypothesis for a Theory of Everything that can logically reconcile what we can deduce about the nature of the universe through scientific method with those spiritual elements of human existence that are an essential reality to so many people. The hypothesis attempts to show that the development of both science and religion is an integral part of the human evolution. Science should not ignore the spiritual nature of people, because some form of spirituality plays a part of so many people’s lives. Equally, religious dogma cannot undermine the laws of the universe as discovered by science.

The site is aimed at people who want to find a deeper meaning and truth in their lives. It is for people who may be equally skeptical about both vociferous atheists and religious dogmatists who appear so very certain about their beliefs. It is a resource to discuss and  challenge these positions and to help the open-minded make sense of the world.

My aim is to allow you to gain a truer understanding of your role as an individual within the vastness of the Universe and its evolution since the beginning. Through that understanding I hope to give back some certainty and meaning to people’s.

The title for this web site has come through a number of iterations, but fundamentally my vision of the evolution of the Universe is one of a well-choreographed Cosmic Dance. We as individuals may appear to be insignificant specks, or as I once described the life of Jesus to a senior clergyman, a “mere pinprick in eternity”. Yet even a pinprick can have an enormous effect and I have come to realise the importance and potential of every individual – saint, scientist, politician, farmer, engineer, philosopher, mother or father – in the greater scheme of things. We all form a part of the cosmic Dance of Eternity and each of us has the potential to help The Dance evolve in new and original ways.

You may not agree with my hypothesis, but send me your own. You may not like everything I write, but, to repeat the challenge of Australian Aboriginal writer Kakkib Ii’Dthia Warraawee’a in his book There once was a tree called Deru; “Fine, read my whole book, then sit back and write me one back.”

Understanding the potential of every human individual in the great cosmic dance